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A new chapter

My name is Mohammed Abdulaziz Almajid. I am a gym enthusiast and I aim to have my team reach the stage of Mr. Olympia. Starting an IFBB focused bodybuilding gym must come from love and passion, or you won’t last very long in the industry. We all know that going to the gym is good for your health and we are all aware that we should be a bit more active. But my goal was different. I always wanted to see our community and our people share the stage with biggest athletes in the body building industry. I would love to see a person I have been supporting and preparing win the hardest awards. I have the passion for this and I will strive to have the name Malmajidteam to be known internationally.

Here are 3 reasons to why I decided to open a gym:

  1. Willingness to invest in fitness

Fitness has become a top priority for an increasing number of people. They are convinced about the benefits of working out in the gym and how it can help them live more fit and active life. They are taking out time from their busy schedules to visit the gym and willing to invest money if someone is putting forward a solution that provides promising results. Our facility will have the member exercise and then compliment the workout in the coffee shop that serves supplements and meals to fully nourish the body.

  • Support the community

Is one of the main reasons I have decided to open a gym. I would love to support any person who is ambitious and has a goal to reach Mr. Olympia. I would also highly support the community by having the best coaches to support any person in the gym that needs guidance to improve. I will try my best to have every member to be fully satisfied with the gym experience.

  • Meet like-minded people

Owning a gym can be quite social. Being able to participate in body building competitions and meeting many ambitious like-minded people will help expand the business and the health aspect of owning a gym. I will be learning and gaining more experience from the community I will be surrounded with.